Celebrating 35 Years – CIUT Spring Fundraising Drive!

Hey everyone!!

For 35 years, CIUT-FM has been “The Sound of Your City” and Dreaming in Stereo is fundraising tomorrow! Don‚Äôt forget to tune in for a fun playlist and show your support in any capacity. If you can afford a donation, or even if you are just spreading the word about CIUT and Dreaming in Stereo through social media and continuing to listen CIUT, it is greatly appreciated! ūüôā

However, if you can support the station through a financial donation you can donate online at www.ciut.fm and make sure to mention Dreaming in Stereo! Three e-bikes are up for grabs from Everyday Electric at the 89.5 donation level, not to mention a Northern Lights Festival Boreal package. For anyone who donates any amount, there are ticket giveaways to the Sing! Toronto festival that you will be entered to win. 

Check out the CIUT May Newsletter!

Fundraising Drive for CIUT Today!

Hi friends,

Just reminding you that Dreaming in Stereo is fundraising today 6pm! Don’t forget to tune in and support the program, we need your help to continue to stay on the air. I know times are strange right now but your support is really important. If you can afford it, a little or a lot, or even just spreading the word about CIUT and continuing to listen to the awesome programming every single day is appreciated.

If you would like to show your appreciation for Dreaming in Stereo or CIUT in general through a financial donation you can donate online at www.ciut.fm. Sorry we cannot take your calls this year as usual, volunteers are still recording from home due to Hart House closure. But I will be present and tweeting tonight (so bad at that social media thing, but I will try!)

Thank you all for your continued support of community radio!