Tune in once again tomorrow 1-2pm!

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Expect some more awesome new music. For now I will leave you with a band I’m seeing tonight:


Playlist for Sunday December 2nd, 1-2pm

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Stars – Window Bird

The Recroom – Be Still

Tegan & Sara – I Know, I Know, I Know

Chucky Danger – Travelling

Band of Horses – Detlef Schrempf

Neko Case – Knock Loud

The Beautiful Girls – In Love

C’mon – All Time High

The Redwalls – Modern Diet

Small Sins – It Keeps Me On My Toes

Two-Minute Miracles – The Bee Hell

Mystery Jets – Flakes

Editors – The Racing Rats

Moving Units – Blood Beats

You Say Party! We Say Die! –  What’s the Holdup? Where’s the Fire?

Thanks for tuning in! All sorts of things going wrong today… I blame the weather. Bah humbug! :p

Tune in tomorrow 1-2pm , more new music

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Have a great weekend!



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Grr..I’m getting made fun of now for mumbling Holy Fuck yesterday…sorry guys, I only curse in anger.

In other news, I was browsing the myspace page of Cold Dead Hands and apparently CIUT (and me :p) gave them their first airplay….how cool is that! (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=22868578&blogID=331984102)

Playlist for Sunday Nov 25, 1-2pm

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Rock Plaza Central – When We Go, How We Go (Part II)

Grizzly Bear – On a Neck, On a Spit

The Paperbacks – Hesitation Marks

Black Kids – Hurricane Jane (free Wizard of Ahhs EP at www.blackkidsmusic.com)

Plants & Animals – Lola Who?

Voxtrot – Firecracker

Braintoy – Computational Symptoms (exclusive new track)

The Midway State – A Million Fireflies

Cold Dead Hands – Read Between The Lines

A Place To Bury Strangers – I Know I’ll See You

Femme Generation – The Future Called, They Want Their Sound Back

The Raveonettes – Dead Sound

Holy Fuck – The Pulse

Sunday(tomorrow) 1-2pm, tune in for more indie awesomeness

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I have some terrific new music lined up for tomorrow including a brand new Braintoy track from their upcoming album. Tune in!


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Finally some snow this week…isn’t that great? 🙂

So…went to Pop With Brains # 12 last nite…it was awesome…there was an artist near the stage who was painting the bands all night and there was also handmade jewelry on display…an odd thing at a rock show but fun nonetheless. Black Hat Brigade and Eden Ants were standouts, although I liked Five Blank Pages as well. Not a big fan of Zuku though.

I’ll be on air once again this coming Sunday. That’s CIUT 89.5 on the dial, channel 946 on Rogers Digital Cable, 826 on StarChoice, or you can listen onine here: http://www.ciut.fm/listenlive.php