More Maximo Park…

Got back from the Maximo Park on July 14th and I must say my first reaction was slight dissappointment, not with the band who were in top form, but with the crowd.

Monsters Are Waiting started off their set around 8pm. I don’t know much about them but they had some great tunes and their lead singer is just mesmerizing. Response was mediocre at best, typical of the blasé MOD Club crowd. I wasn’t in a better mood myself, a combination of being late and not finding the t-shirt I wanted (yes I’m one of those geeks who ocasionally buys merch at shows…shhh), not to mention confused as to why The Oohlas weren’t playing. Nevertheless I enjoyed their set.

After some soundchecks, Maximo Park came on at 9pm – a band on time, now that’s unusual. The crowd went wild….at first. They started off with Grafitti, a hit from their first record A Certain Trigger. Paul Smith is an incredible frontman, he was jumping across the stage throughout the set, and of course his signature move wasn’t missing either. I think I could sense a bit of surprise from him at the audience’s lack of dancing and singalongs, not to mention I noticed a lot of people around me were clapping before the songs even ended. Hopefully that will change with the new record since I already hear it getting a bit of well deserved airplay. A highlight for me was that they played Going Missing, and Paul told us that was the very first time they played the song outside the UK.

Overall a great musical performance, they should not be missed!

Maximo Park

Maximo Park

Maximo Park!

So I’m going to Maximo Park at the MOD Club on Saturday….I can’t wait!  Monsters Are Waiting and The Oohlas are opening and it’s sold out. Really liking the new album Our Earthly Pleasures….I actually think it’s better than A Certain Trigger. Tracks like “Books From Boxes” and “Russian Literature” are real standouts for me, I can see them topping the charts.

Their new single: Our Velocity