Playlist for Friday, June 19, 3-5pm

Show is moving! Starting July 1st, you can catch Dreaming in Stereo on Wednesdays at 8pm in a new 1 hour format! Cheers 🙂

Stars – What is to be Done?

The New Pornographers – Champions of Red Wine

Ryan Adams – Tired of Giving Up

Lucius – Tempest

The Black Angels – Holland

Caribou – Best I’ve Ever Had

Jamie XX – Loud Palces

Electric Youth – Runaway

My Morning Jacket – Spring (Among the Living))

Hey Rosetta! – Neon Beyond

The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure

Moon King – Roswell

Blonde Redhead – Here Sometimes

Gold & Youth – City of Quartz

Jane’s Party – Hideaway

Meligrove Band – Bones of Things

Zeus – Miss My Freind

Papermaps – I’ve Closed a Door

Banks – Drowning

Chet Faker – Gold

Purity Ring – Stranger Than Earth

Seoul – Stay With Us

Soho Ghetto – Rook

Young Liars – Young Again

2 thoughts on “Playlist for Friday, June 19, 3-5pm

  1. man this music is dopeeee. heard this show today going through random stations on my radio and needed to find one of the tracks. thx for posting it. I still fuk with z103 for my pop music but this shit right here is smoooooth.

  2. OH NO! moving to Wednesdays…who will help me get ready for my show?
    Great playlist as always… (don’t suppose you know who will be in your old slot, do you?)

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