Fall Membership Drive

Support your community radio station!
CIUT 89.5 FM is Toronto’s only community radio station. We broadcast original and alternative content not found anywhere else on the FM dial. Keep CIUT alive on the airwaves by donating to this treasured community organization.

Usually, we have two fundraising drives per year to raise money to keep the radio station operational…. things like paying the bills; upkeep and maintenance of the studios, offices, and transmitter site; workshops for volunteers and students; etc.

But this year was a bit different: we had a transmitter crisis right before the spring campaign. On Sunday, April 6th the transmitter we had been using since the stations inception in 1986 literally quit working. All of the money raised during the spring campaign was allocated towards the purchase of a new transmitter to keep us on the air. That money also went towards paying the engineers who installed it, shipping costs, and the rental of the temporary transmitter.

Now, we have one membership drive to accomplish what we normally do in two: raise money to keep the radio station operational! 

Help us continue to bring you the best in alternative and independent media on the airwaves in Toronto and beyond! Help us continue to bring you The NEW Sound Of Your City

Dreaming in Stereo will be holding its 13th Membership Drive this Friday! Don’t forget to tune in and support the program.

All the donations go to the day-to-day functioning costs of CIUT 89.5 FM, a listener-supported radio station and not for profit registered charitable organization.

No prizes, no gimmicks (although CIUT has a few grand prizes as usual). We simply need to reach our goal of $89,000 for the campaign so call in or go online to donate!

Thank you all for your continued support of community radio!

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