Playlist for Friday, January 28

Two Hours Traffic – Territory

Matt and Kim – Cameras

Doctors and Dealers – Trouble

Broken Bells – The High Road

The Coast – Tigerlily

Tapes N’ Tapes – Badaboom

Beach House – Norway

Winter Gloves – We Need New Transportation

The Salingers – Superflawless

Hannah Georgas – This Is Good

Coeur de Pirate – Comme Des Enfants

Woodpigeon – An Entanglement of Weeds

Amos the Transparent – After All That It’s Come To This (feat. Amy Milan)

Iron & Wine – Tree by the River

Jenn Grant – How I Met you

The Secret Machines – Terrible Light

Young Galaxy – We Have Everything

Crystal Castles – Not in Love (with Robert Smith)

Jupe Jupe – Something About Love

BRMC – Lien On Your Dreams

The Ettes – Take It With You

Drive Faster – Suitcase

Drive Faster Interview

Drive Faster – Thinking of You

One Hundred Flowers – Make Marx

Butterfly Explosion – Closer

Two Door Cinema Club – Cigarettes in the Theatre

Lightning Dust – Never Seen

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