This Friday is the show’s 5th Fundraising Drive!!

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PRIZES: Every person who pledges to the show will be entered into the Dreaming in Stereo Prize Pack draw (in addition to the CIUT draws) which will take place at the end of the show (around 5pm on Friday) and will include tons of CDs and goodies as well as passes to Boats!, Teenage Kicks, Clothes Make the Man and more, courtesy of Audio Blood Media. Note, ALL pre-pledges (those who pledge before Friday, 3pm!) will receive a gift so pledge early!


Membership Drive Show on Friday, October 22nd!

During the Membership Drive we will be asking for your donations to help the show continue. The show needs at least 20 MEMBERS to stay on air! During our Spring Drive we did not reach that amount but we were VERY close so the show has no excuses this time!!

Ways to support the show:

(Anyone that pledges $25 or more becomes a member of CIUT)

  • Call our pledge line: 416-946-7800; or toll-free at 1-888-204-8976
  • With any major credit card on our website (this is a secure sever):
  • Stop by in person any weekday during office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm (extended hours during the campaign only)
  • Download a printable form (pdf) available on the website:  and mail a cheque or money order.

Every donation helps. Also, please make sure you mention the name of the show you are supporting!

Please keep in mind, your donations do not come directly to us. They go to CIUT 89.5 FM, a not for profit registered charitable organization. So when you donate and become a member, you are supporting community radio and everything that community radio does. The campaign is also a way to evaluate listenership for each show and what it brings to the station in terms of unique, quality programming!


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