CMW Day 2 Picks

Picks for tonight are now posted, sorry all for the lateness.

On Day 1 of CMW I first made my way to see Deas Vail and Person L at Opera House. The two groups were very polished and the sound was incredible, especially for Deas Vail, these guys could have played the ACC last night. It’s unfortunate that the remainder of the Opera House lineups are not my thing, it is easily the best mid-size venue in the city. Around 10pm I returned to the market to see Spirits at Bread & Circus. This trio definitely made my night with their energy and dance moves, and they were right, they did set the bar high as what came later did not meet my expectations. As I arrived shortly after 11pm to a Lee’s Palace packed to the brim with Zeus and Jason Collett on stage I really didn’t get what the fuss was all about. The energy wasn’t there for me and I found their set a bit dull. I tried to revive the rest of the night byt checking out some other venues including Fucked Up at ElMo and The Wilderness at Rancho but I was beat. All in all, not bad for a Wednesday and a great start to the festival. Pictures coming soon!

Lessons: Don’t believe the hype!  (i.e. certain magazine covers.. ;)). Also, Fucked Up is not Holy Fuck! I guess I easily confuse the two names, I wasn’t prepared for the wall of noise that came at me at ElMo.

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