Playlist for Friday, January 8

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The Public Library – We Had Museums
Burn Planetarium – Young Chameleon
Peter Bloom – Let It Go
The Postmarks – My Lucky Charm
We Are Wolves – Holding Hands
Black Hat Brigade – Zombie City
We Shot the Moon – Miracle
Shout Out Louds – Walls
Tegan and Sara – Arrow
Parkas – Muscle Memory
The Craft Economy – Big Purse, Little Dawg
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Even Heroes Have to Die
Cutaways – Lovers Are Lunatics
El Perro Del Mar – Change of Heart
Eureka Birds – Goodbye Space and Time
The XX – Islands
Besnard Lakes – Albatross
The Bravery – Slow Poison
Wildlife – Sea Dreamer
We All Have Hooks For Hands – Be Love, Be Wild
Beach House – Norway
The Melismatics – Modern Machines
The Raveonettes – Heart of Stone
The Smashing Pumpkins – A Song For a Son
Port O’Brien – In the Meantime
Amos the Transparent – The M.O.B Catalogue
Alert the Medic – Atlas
Woodhands – Pockets


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