Playlist for Friday, October 30

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Said The Whale – The Gift of a Black Heart
Magneta Lane – Lady Bones
The Swell Season – Low Rising
Eureka Birds – Ten Words
Boys Who Say No – Wheelwright
Jupiter One – Flaming Arrow
Parlour Steps – Soft Lies
Little Foot Long Foot Live Acoustic Set!
Brendan Benson – Eyes on the Horizon
Little Foot Long Foot Interview
Land of Talk – As Me
Los Campesinos – The Sea Is a Good Place To Tink of the Future
Sky Larkin – Smarts
The Bloodsugars – The Pedestrian Boogie
Hellocharlie – Build You Up
Amos The Transparent – The M.O.B. Catalogue
A Fine Frenzy – Electric Twist
Noisettes – Beat of my Heart
We Are Wolves – Paloma
Mother Mother – Legs Away
Spoon – Stroke Their Brains
Still Life Stil – Flowers and a Wreath
Jamie T. – Earth, Wind & Fire
Datarock – True Stories
Dragonette – Fixin’ To Thrill
You Say Party! We Say Die! – Dark Days
Stellastarr – Tokyo Sky


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