Playlist for Friday, October 16

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The Spins – Light Desert
The Diableros – When The Water Rises
Boys Who Say No – Wheelwright
Primitive Notion – Motivation
Atlas Sound – The Light That Failed
Jupiter One – Volcano
Islands – Switched On
The Raveonettes – Heart of Stone
Stellastarr – Grafitti Eyes
Brendan Benson – Don’t Wanna Talk
Land of Talk – As Me
A Fine Frenzy – Stood Up
Spiral Beach – Battery
Jamie T – Earth, Wind & Fire
Spirits – Controlled Wildfires
Hellocharlie – Build You Up
Alert The Medic – Atlas
Devil Eyes – Rip My Heart Out
Yukon Blonde – Streets
Eureka Birds – The Still Life
Silver Starling – Something Over Nothing
The Bloodsugars – Light at the End of the Tunnel
Paper Beat – Wren
Parlour Steps – Little Pieces
Still Life Still – Pastel
Do Make Say Think – Do


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