Playlist for Friday, August 21

Secret Brodcast – Shatter

Everything All The Time – Start. Stop.

Tigercity – Fake Gold

Bent By Elephants – Mollie’s Song

Port O’Brien – My Will Is Good

Lightning Dust – Take It Home

Fox Jaws – Two By Two

Desert Boots – Gtta Love

Good Shoes – The Way My Heart Beats

Kasabian – Fire

Dancehall Free For All – In Transit

Octoberman – I Know a Nurse

Jay Reatard – Nothing Now

The Tender Box – Gravity

The New Up – Dear Life

Wilco – I’ll Fight

The Junction – My Love Was There

Casettes Won’t Listen – Into The Hillside

Young Galaxy – Smoke and Mirror Show

Gobble Gobble – Mountains of Flesh

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words

Band of Skulls – Cold Flame

Blue Roses – I Am Leaving

Flying Fox and The Hunter Gatherers – Molly

Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come (Artwork Remix)

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