Playlist for Friday July 10

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The Violet Archers – Suffocates

Gentleman Reg – Coastline

Wild Sweet Orange – Land of No Return

Oh No Forest Fires – You Know What This Is…Trouble

Zeus – That’s All

Spoon – Got Nufifn

Amazing Baby – Pump Yer Brakes

Wilco – I’ll Fight

The Junction – Pick Your Battles

Nada Surf – Are You Lightning?

Grizzly Bear – Southern Point

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Skeletons

The Tender Box – Beautiful Sin

Reverie Sound Revue – Pretty One Play

Black Hat Brigade – Kitchen Party

The Habit – Black Ice

Elfin Saddle – Sakura

Mew – Introducing Palace Players

Art Brut vs. Satan – Summer Job

The Cliks – We Are The Wolverines

Still Life Still – Pastel

Thieves Like Us – Your Heart Feels

Passion Pit – Make Light

Regina Spektor – Blue Lips

Whale Tooth – Clever

Voxtrot – Kid Gloves


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