Today is the day! Membership Drive!

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Dear listeners,

Today is day 5 of the CIUT Spring Membership Drive and the show needs your support to stay on the air! Dreaming In Stereo is a fairly new show on CIUT still trying to prove itself and this is the crucial second Fundraising Campaign.

As you know your donations go to CIUT 89.5 FM, a not for profit charitable organization. So when you donate and become a member, you are supporting community radio and everything that community radio does. The station has a small paid staff of under 10 people and hundreds of volunteers and that is why twice a year we ask for your donations. More importantly, the campaign is a way to evaluate overall listenership for each show and what it brings to the station in terms of unique, quality programming.  

The show has a quota of 20 members so if you would like to show some love for Dreaming In Stereo and community not-for-profit radio, call (416) 946-7800 or toll free 1-888-204-8976. You can also pledge through the secure on-line server at You can pledge any amount, but if you make a donation of $25 or more to become a member of Friends of 89.5 you receive a tax receipt, the CIUT quarterly newsletter and a ballot in the CIUT grand prize draws. 

Pledges to my show will also be entered into a draw for an awesome prize pack with tons of music. Not to mention you’re helping keep the show on air. I have produced, programmed and hosted the two hour show on a volunteer basis, every week for nearly a year now, and I can’t imagine spending my Fridays any other way! 🙂

Tune in today from 3-5pm for some fantastic music, event listings, special guests and more!


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