Playlist for Friday, March 27

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Black Diamond Bay – Brothers In Exile

City Sirens – Darkness

Cold Dead Hands – Settle Down

Broadcast Radio – The Harbour

Papermoon – People Were Talking But Now They Are Forgetting

The Decemberists – The Wanting Comes In Waves

Hey Ocean! – Too Soon

Doctors & Dealers – A Phonecall Home

Snriser – Gold

Chance Mandate – Weak Hex

Cancel Winter – Stop The Lies

Kill The Lights – Two Sinister Gentlemen

Stars of Track and Field – Movies of Antarctica

Uncut – Hideaway

Stars – The Beginning After The End

Junior Boys – Dull To Pause

The Von Bondies – Modern Saints

The Burning Hell – Old World

AC Newman – The Heartbreak Rides

K’Naan – Dreamer

The Boy Least Likely To – Every Goliath Has Its David

The Bloodsugars – Uh Oh

Faunts – Lights Are Always On

Royal Wood – Don’t Fall Apart

Darling – We’ll Try

Acres of Lions – Entertainment


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