Playlist fo Friday January 16

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Winterpills – Take Away The Words

The Hoa Hoa’s  – Yellow Jacket

Hospital Bombers – Footnotes

The Strip – Fine Tonight

Broadcast Radio – Don’t Look Back

Hank – Threw Me

Safety Show – Ship of  Sorrows

Ghost House – No Enemies

In Fligh Safety – Crash/Land

Lioness – Haunted Magick

Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses

Sylvie – When We Were Young

Wildlife – Dream I never Had

The Craft Economy – Super Greek

Glaxo Babies – Under the Sun

The Bloodsugars – Self – Control (cover)

The Black Fever – Hang Up (Remix)

Gang Gang Dance – Nicoman

Glasvegas – Flowers & Footbal Tops

Little Joy – Brand New Start

Ruby Coast – More Than Television

Ghostkeeper – Solid Gold

The Memories Attack – The Raft


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