Fundraising Drive tomorrow, please support the show!

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Here’s the thing, we are having our:


Twice a year, CIUT reaches out to our listeners for support to help keep our regular programming in operation. CIUT strives to provide a multi-dimensional array of programming reflective of our listening community. We are passionate about what we do, and we need your help so that we can continue to provide you with an alternative to the mainstream. Help keep the legacy alive! You can donate online at, download a PRINTABLE FORM and mail it in, or call in this week. Each program on CIUT needs its audience to show support, so this is your opportunity to participate in a way that really counts.

Each show needs at least 10 members per hour to stay on air so if you would like to support Dreaming In Stereo then you can do so by making a pledge at or by calling 416-946-7800 or 1-888-204-8976. Every little bit counts!


If you make a pledge there’s tons of prizes to be won including an E-Bike, and there’s also a Dreaming In stereo prize pack! Tons of CDs, Matt Mays, Adele, Kings of Leon, complilations…list goes on…including a very special signed People In Planes poster! Anyone who pledges for my show tomorrow gets their name in the draw!


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