Playlist for Friday October 24, 3-5pm

Desert Radio – Something Happened to Me

Dear and the Headlights – Talk About

The Urban Aesthetics – Dead End / Street Scene

Nich Worby (& Milkwood Sparrows) – Zombie Guidance Counsellors

The Butless Chaps – Broken Transit, Broken Soil

Sleepercar – Fences Down

Mon Electric Bijou – The Aging Process

Lioness – You’re My Heart

Santogold – Les Artistes

These Electric Lives – We Should Be Believing

Friendly Fires – On Board

Bad Flirt – Heart of Darkness

Tour De Fours – Number One

Conor Oberst – Get-Well-Cards

Library Voices – Step Off the Map and Float

The Wombats – Moving to New York

The Fratellis – Milk and Money

The Roseline – Copper Cylinders

Mother Mother – Hayloft

Key Witness – Desert Novel

Guillemots – Through the Window Pane

The Jet Age – Maybe Love’s a Transmission

Albert Hammond Jr. – Victory at Monterey

Space Is For Stars – Conversation

The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed

Yoav – Beautiful Lie (live soundcheck at Monkey Chews, London)

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