Playlist for Friday October 17, 3-5pm

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My Sister Ocean – Beautiful Failiures

Sebastien Grainger & Les Montagnes – ( I Am Like a) Rain

Friendly Fires – Jump In The Pool

Spiral Bach – New Clouds, Hot Clouds

Smile Smile – Anymore

Adele – Right As Rain

Mother Mother – Burning Pile

Bella – No One Will Know

Land of Talk – Yuppy Flu

Bad Flirt – Heart of Darkness

Before the Flood – Bars Wire and Wood

Key Witness – Desert Novel

Eugene Ripper – Waiting For This Moment

Hexes & Ohs – Wildfire!

Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!

The Fratellis – Look Out Sunshine!

The View – Same Jeans

The Spinto Band – Crack the Whip

Sunriser – Gold

Poorfolk – Stupid as a Tank

Broadcast Radio  – A Plan To Escape

Gunther – World of Grammar

Darker My Love – Northern Soul

Quest For Fire – Bision Eyes

A Night In the Box – Let Me Know

Construction & Destruction – The Volume Wars

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody


Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

As you know the CIUT Fall Membership Drive is coming up and if you would like to support my show you can go online ( and make an advance pledge or you can call me during the show at 416.946.7000.


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