Playlist for Friday September 12, 3-5pm

Citizen Folk – Beautiful Day

Gravity Wave – Buffalo Jump

The Martingales – Never See You Again

Chic Gamine – I Don’t Lie

Blind Tiger, Tiger – The Red List

Love As Laughter – Crosseyed Beautiful Youngunz

Setting Sun – How Long

The Jet Age – ?

Spiritualized – Soul On Fire

The Atomic Cosmonaut – Fra Mauro

Bakers at Dawn – Hopeful

Sea Wolf – Black Dirt

Share – The Yard

The Transport Assembly – Intelligent Machines

The Awkward Stage – Your Heart Serves Only You

Motorcade – Soap Opera

The Good, the Bad, & the Queen – Herculean

Brendan Canning – Hit the Wall

The Robots – Open City

From Bubblegum to Sky – My Je M’appelle

Wolf Parade – Language City

Stars – Window Bird

Jon McKiel – Violent Dreams

Spoon – The Underdog

Black Kids – Hurricane Jane

Art Brut – People in Love

*there were some playlist typos…corrected now hopefully.

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