Playlist for Friday August 22, 3-5pm

Stand – Carousel

Wild Sweet Orange – Land of No Return

Young Galaxy – The Sun’s Coming Up and My Plane’s Going Down

Human Highway – The Sound

The Pack A.D. – Don’t Have to Like You

Quest for Fire – Bision Eyes

The Stills – Snakecharming the Masses

Uncommon Gold – Electricity

Sickboy – Coughing Fits

Josh Ritter – Right Moves

Now Sleepyhead – Pro Deo

Sam Roberts – Them Kids

Albert Hammond Jr. – Gfc

Supergrass – Diamong Hoo Ha Man

The Telepathic Butterflies – If It’s All Too Much

Economics – He Was My Friend

Hooded Fang – Fall Leaves

Bodies of Water – Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey

The Hoosiers – Goodbye Mr. A

Brazilian Girls – Losing Myself

Stereolab – Three Women

Modernboys Moderngirls – On the Line

Black Kids – I’m Making Eyes At You

You Say Party! We Say Die! – Monster (RAc Remix)

Gravity Wave – Buffalo Jump


Show name pending…yes I know it’s getting ridiculous but this is harder than I thought.

Pierre, cloudscape I have no idea, I think I found it ages ago on Google images.  If you recognize it I’d be happy to give credit to the photographer.

Chris, sorry I cut you off…thanks for tuning in and check yer email.

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