NXNE Day 1

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Started off my night with the Vibrants at El Mocambo who put on an awesome set…disappointing turnout though and venue sounded slightly cavernous because of that. Seriously, check out this very underrated band this weekend if you can.

Dashed to the Horseshoe afterwards just in time to catch Toronto based Small Sins. Place was packed…overall excellent show…so far so good.

Next, it was People In Planes at the Reverb. Outstanding set in spite of some obvious technical difficulties…I see their last song Vampires being a real standout on the new record. Incredible guitarist playing the flying V..what a crazy performace he gave.

Dashed to the Horseshoe hoping to catch Major Maker then looked over the NXNE pocket guide to discover it was at El Mocambo – my mistake or scheduling error online? Headed there to catch just a bit of their set literally…running late again. Was planning to catch White Cowbell Oklahoma but there was little incentive to run back to the Horseshoe for another 35 minute set…next time!

Side note about NXNE so far:

My one annoyance was the scheduling…errors here and there and some bands not being announced until the very last minute such as the Hilotrons!

Sound was top notch so far at the three venues, even the Horseshoe.

Pics coming soon.



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