More Maximo Park…

Got back from the Maximo Park on July 14th and I must say my first reaction was slight dissappointment, not with the band who were in top form, but with the crowd.

Monsters Are Waiting started off their set around 8pm. I don’t know much about them but they had some great tunes and their lead singer is just mesmerizing. Response was mediocre at best, typical of the blasé MOD Club crowd. I wasn’t in a better mood myself, a combination of being late and not finding the t-shirt I wanted (yes I’m one of those geeks who ocasionally buys merch at shows…shhh), not to mention confused as to why The Oohlas weren’t playing. Nevertheless I enjoyed their set.

After some soundchecks, Maximo Park came on at 9pm – a band on time, now that’s unusual. The crowd went wild….at first. They started off with Grafitti, a hit from their first record A Certain Trigger. Paul Smith is an incredible frontman, he was jumping across the stage throughout the set, and of course his signature move wasn’t missing either. I think I could sense a bit of surprise from him at the audience’s lack of dancing and singalongs, not to mention I noticed a lot of people around me were clapping before the songs even ended. Hopefully that will change with the new record since I already hear it getting a bit of well deserved airplay. A highlight for me was that they played Going Missing, and Paul told us that was the very first time they played the song outside the UK.

Overall a great musical performance, they should not be missed!

Maximo Park

Maximo Park

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