Maximo Park!

So I’m going to Maximo Park at the MOD Club on Saturday….I can’t wait!  Monsters Are Waiting and The Oohlas are opening and it’s sold out. Really liking the new album Our Earthly Pleasures….I actually think it’s better than A Certain Trigger. Tracks like “Books From Boxes” and “Russian Literature” are real standouts for me, I can see them topping the charts.

Their new single: Our Velocity 

2 thoughts on “Maximo Park!

  1. Hi,
    I just heard the last 4 songs of your july 11th show and really liked it (I’m the one who called at the end for the names of the songs). It’s the first time I’ve heard a song from The Rapture’s last album on the radio which is cool. I was wondering if you’ve heard of The Rakes from England? They have two albums out and I love them and have yet to hear them on the radio. If you have any of their songs I’d love to hear one next time on your show.

  2. Hey,

    Yeah of course, I love the Rakes!
    I might be able to dig up their old stuff, although we have
    yet to get their latest CD in.
    Thanks for tuning in. 🙂

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