Playlist for Wednesday, November 18, 8-9pm

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Half Moon Run – Hands in the Garden

Editors – No Harm

Young Galaxy – The Night Wants Us to Be Free

City and Colour – Northern Blues

Hey Rosetta! – Neon Beyond

Beach House – Sparks

Milk & Bone – New York

Antlers – Intruders

Teen Daze – It Starts at the Water

Seoul – Galway

Ms Mr – Reckless

Twin Shadow – Half Life

Caribou – Back Home

CIUT Fall Fundraising Drive

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Support your community radio station!
CIUT 89.5 FM is Toronto’s only community radio station. We broadcast original and alternative content not found anywhere else on the FM dial. Keep CIUT alive on the airwaves by donating to this treasured community organization.

Usually, we have two fundraising drives per year to raise money to keep the radio station operational…. things like paying the bills; upkeep and maintenance of the studios, offices, and transmitter site; workshops for volunteers and students; etc.

Help us continue to bring you the best in alternative and independent media on the airwaves in Toronto and beyond! Help us continue to bring you The NEW Sound Of Your City

Dreaming in Stereo will be holding its 14th Fundraising Drive tonight at 8pm! Don’t forget to tune in and support the program.

All the donations go to the day-to-day functioning costs of CIUT 89.5 FM, a listener-supported radio station and not for profit registered charitable organization.

No prizes, no gimmicks (although CIUT has a few grand prizes as usual). We simply need to reach our goal of $60,000 for the campaign so call in or go online to donate!

A few things to add, this year the membership donation level has been raised to $89.5 with added value of a membership card for all donors, which will include all sorts of discounts to businesses around the city. Amazing value! Although for $25 or more donations you will still receive the usual tax receipt. Just thought I would mention this exciting news!

Thank you all for your continued support of community radio!

Playlist for Wednesday, November 4, 8-9pm

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Half Moon Run – Everybody Wants

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Soft Shock

City and Colour – Woman

Editors – Ocean of Night

Seoul – Stay With Us

Young Galaxy – Little Wave

Washed Out – Falling Back

Young Liars – Night Window

My Morning Jacket – Like a River

Tame Impala – Yes I’m Changing

Purity Ring – Repetition

Born Ruffians – Shade to Shade

Playlist for Wednesday, October 21, 8-9pm

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Beirut – Gibraltar

Washed Out – All Over Now

City and Color – Woman

Dirty Ghosts – Light Like Speed

Born Ruffians – Stupid Dream

The Sheepdogs – Take a Trip

Young Liars – Runaway

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Little Shadow

My Morning Jacket – Like a River

Hey Rosetta! – Neon Beyond

Of Monsters and Men – We Sink

Milk & Bone – Elephant

Playlist for Wednesday, October 14, 8-9pm

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City and Color – Northern Blues

The Sheepdogs – Take a Trip

Born Ruffians – Shade to Shade

Lucius – Two of Us on the Run

Half Moon Run – Trust

Tame Impala – The Moment

Seoul – Haunt / A Light

Metric – Blind Valentine

The Vaccines – Dream Lover

Moon King – Apocalypse

Dirty Ghosts – Battery

Spoon – They Want My Soul

Playlist for Wednesday Oct 7, 8-9pm

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Soho Ghetto – Rook

Half Moon Run – Trust

Metric – Cascades

Seoul – Real June

Stars – No One Is Lost

Purity Ring – Stranger Than Earth

Jamie XX (feat. Romy) – Loud Places

Imaginary Cities – Chasing the Sunset

Zeus – One Line  Written In

Arkells – Dirty Blonde

Coleman Hell – 2 Heads

The Vaccines – Want You So Bad

Beach House – The Troublemaker

Playlist for Wednesday, September 23, 8-9pm

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Plants and Animals – Song for Love

The Vaccines – Maybe I Could Hold You

Half Moon Run – Trust

Of Monsters and Men – Slow Life

Tame Impala – New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Seoul – Real June

Metric – Too Bad, So Sad

Operators – Start Again

Beach House – Days of Candy

Purity Ring – Begin Again

Young Galaxy – Factory Flaws

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Shuffle Your Feet